How the WASDE WIZARD ® Tool Box works in real time.

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It's the era of “big data” in agriculture. When you hear the term you probably assume it’s about the explosion in precision ag technology to gather, process, analyze almost every stage of field production from pre-plant to harvest. But there’s another dimension in the “big data” explosion. It involves processing statistical data that’s been accumulating for decades in in new ways; new algorithms and computer models that improve both the speed and precision of decision-making by using old data to fuel new approaches to predicting the future! 

                               Introducing “WASDE WIZARD ® ” 

            Decision Tools for More Profitable Buying and Selling in Grain


Check out recent article written by Trista Crossley of Wheat Life Magazine (a publication of Washington Association of Wheat Growers) at , (past issues, March 2018, pages 28-32) titled AMMO: Marketing at three speeds discussing my approach to selling wheat using my WASDE Wizard!.

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