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                                              SUGGESTED APPROACH TO PREPARING YOUR
                                              REQUEST FOR SPEAKING PROPOSAL

 1) What type of presentation/presenter best describes your need? 

a) Keynote Speaker 
to open your event, establish theme and motivate attendees to engage enthusiastically.

b) Closing Speaker to end your event on a high note and sense of “mission accomplished” with lasting impact.

c) General Session Speaker to address a specific subject pertinent to all your attendees at some point during the event other than keynote or closing.

d) Concurrent Speaker to address a “breakout session” among several attendees may choose from, depending on their position, interest, etc.

e) Trainer to focus on interactive workshop with purpose to transfer skills.

f) Facilitator to enable productive discussion, problem solving,  etc. by your attendees

g) After-dinner Speaker to close out a day within theme of event, but with elements of humor, motivation and inspiration to reinforce the day’s agenda and purpose.

h) Humorist to entertain your attendees with good taste at any point during an event to “lighten things up” but still in tune to your event theme and objectives.

i) Moderator to host on-stage panel of experts, field audience questions, keep questioning and panel responses on topic, etc.

j) Other ?   You fill in description _______________________________
2) How would you describe the attendees? e.g. demographics, education, background, job responsibilities, gender mix, age mix, etc.

3) What specific aspects of the presentation topic do you believe your attendees will be most interested

in learning?

 4) Generally speaking, check which word best describes the attendees' current collective expertise in this area?

Limited  __  Familiar ___  Professional __ 

 5) Organizational, cultural or environmental factors of the event (or venue) that may impact the most effective approach to the presentation by the presenter?

6) What action (if any) do you want your attendees to take over time as a result of this presentation?

 7) What best describes how you want the audience to “feel” after they hear this presentation?

Encouraged __  Appreciated __  Motivated __  Inspired ___

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or need clarification of what we're asking above. We just want to insure what we propose will be "the perfect fit" for your event!