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While preparing for a customized speaking engagement often involves considerable research on our part, some clients may have no particular event needing a speaker, but instead a specific need for some customized research to help with internal tactical or strategic decision-making.

Perfect Fit Presentations welcomes such requests for proposals from companies or organizations which lack the time or personnel to conduct such research objectively, thoroughly, on-budget and on time! Here are suggested guidelines below for elements of research project RFP on your part that will insure a timely, detailed draft proposal on our part.

1)  Statement of Purpose
     What is the nature of the research you want to conduct, specific objectives and how findings will

     be utilized?

2)  Background Information
     What is the genesis or driving need for this research?

 3)  Scope of work
     What is the depth of the research, such as how many years of past data will be relevant and how far

     into the future you will expect to draw from the results? What is the breadth of the research desired

     in terms of study and application (i.e. local, regional, state, national or global).
4)  Requirements for Proposal Preparation
     Do you have a preferred structure or format for proposals submitted?   If so, please attach.
5)  Contractual Terms & Conditions
     Please attach your organization’s standard contract forms, if any, including any requirements specific to

     this research project.

 6)  Process Schedule
     What are the component timelines and deadline for final results?

 7)  Points of contact for future correspondence
     Who are the people to contact at your organization if we have additional questions or need for 


 8)  Evaluation and award process
      What are the procedures and criteria your organization will use in evaluating proposals and making

      the final project award?

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