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Farm Safety:

Will your farm set the standard or become a statistic?

Learning Objectives:

  •     Geared to multi-generation family farms and ranches.

  •     Top 10 most dangerous occupations in general workplace.

  •     Why farming even more dangerous than its rank on list.

  •     Most common types and causes of farm accidents.

  •     Generational differences in types and causes.

  •     Most effective ways to reduce hazards and accidents.

  •     Effective safety policies, training and disciplinary measures.

Specific Benefits Participants Will Take Away:

  •   Greater awareness of avoidable risks and injuries.

  •   Objective self-audit of current safety practices.

  •   Effective safety training techniques.

  •   Significantly less risk of injuries and litigation.

  •   Suggested Resources for ongoing improvement.

How I Will Engage Audience to Interact With Each Other:

  •   Stop regularly for questions or comments on points raised.

  •   Ask for “show of hands” answers to questions from floor.

  •   Have “show of hands” votes on “best ideas” from lists.

Why This Topic is Essential Knowledge for Client Target Group: Farming is among very few occupations where the risks of injuries have increased with mechanization and the major causes of accidents can vary by age of workers. Further, the risk of litigation over farm injuries once considered “unavoidable” has increased exponentially in our increasingly litigious culture.

How I Gained Expertise on This Topic: I grew up on a family farm myself and personally witnessed numerous accidents. I’ve devoted my entire career writing to farmers and delivering countless workshops where hundreds of anecdotal accounts of farm accidents have been shared. Further, I’ve been retained to study the whole issue of workplace safety for several clients and thus keep abreast of multiple periodicals and university research covering the topic of farm safety on an ongoing basis.